Telehealth Awareness Month

Telehealth Awareness Month 2023

October 2023 is Telehealth Awareness Month where telehealth and virtual care campaigns will be scheduled across the various states.   

For a unified voice, jurisdictions are encouraged to embrace the theme of Telehealth: enabling sustainable health care – highlighting the role of telehealth in:

  • Enabling equitable consumer access to high quality health services closer to home … meaning less time away from community, work and school.
  • Supporting clinicians to access peer support and upskilling … to increase skill, reduce isolation and increase workforce retention.
  • Enabling healthcare providers to collaborate to deliver high quality, integrated care ... regardless of where the consumer in located.
  • Improving health system efficiency by optimising workforce capability to deliver care virtually … from or to any location.
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of providing health care … reduced clinician and consumer travel means fuel savings and less carbon emissions. 

As part of Telehealth Awareness Month, the ATHS will host an expert panel webinar to explore the theme of sustainable telehealth. Stay tuned for further details.

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Many states are already highlighting the role of telehealth in enabling sustainable healthcare. Here is a snapshot from the WA Country Health Service 2022 Telehealth Awareness Week campaign. 



Source: WA Country Health Service, 2022. Telehealth Awareness Week 22 infographic