Denmark announces Action Plan for the Dissemination of Telemedicine

MedCom (Institutional Member in the ISfTeH) reports that the Danish Government has released a National Action Plan for Dissemination of Telemedicine.

The Action Plan states that telemedicine is one of the keys that open the door to health services of the future. Denmark is one of the countries in the world that have come furthest in using telemedicine to meet the challenges of demography and economy that Denmark and other countries will face in the coming years.

In recent years telemedicine solutions have been tested in pilot projects different places in Denmark. The projects show that telemedicine can be utilised more efficiently to renew and streamline public service, treatment and care. At the same time, the technologies make it possible to increase the quality of treatment as well as patient satisfaction.

In drawing up the national action plan, the Danish government, municipalities and regions wish to speed up the dissemination of telemedicine solutions that work. The first steps were already taken during the summer of 2012.

A total of DKK 80 million (approx. 11 million EUR) has been allocated to completely or partially finance the initiatives of the action plan. In addition, regions and municipalities are making a significant contribution. The action plan is an initiative in the Danish eGovernment Strategy 2011-2015. The results of the plan will form part of the work of a future digital welfare reform.

The Action Plan is available as a pdf document .