Call for assistance for Fijian telehealth

There is an acute shortage of medical specialists in Fiji due to continuous migration because of political instability in Fiji over the last 25 years.  In response to poverty levels rising beyond 50%, the charitable Sarada Medical Centre (SMC) was started in Nadi, Fiji in mid 2012 by the Ramakrishna Mission, a registered charitable organisation serving in Fiji since 1930s in the fields of primary, secondary and technical education and community development. Since its start SMC has served about 7500 patients who pay a token administration fee of only $5. The very poor are waived all fees and given free medicines.
With the assistance from AusAID, a well equipped telemedicine unit has been setup at SMC this month. The equipment has been supplied and installed by Telemedicine Australia Pty Ltd (TMA) who are kindly providing technical assistance.
The SMC seeks the charitable support of generous medical specialists in Australia and New Zealand to provide telemedical consultation to the poor and needy in Fiji. Only a computer with a webcam and internet access are needed by the remote medical specialist to access the cloud based patient data on Best Practice software. A local GP and nurses will coordinate from the SMC end.
If you wish to assist us by taking up a few cases per week/fortnight or month on charitable basis, then please contact Swami Tadananda on  or Dr Ashley Collins on for more information.