ATHS advocates broadband telehealth as a major enabler of future healthcare

The Australasian Telehealth Society has proposed fundamental changes to the way healthcare is delivered, especially outside metropolitan areas, in its submission to the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA), which is undertaking a major review into a Digital Health Strategy for Australia.

One of the strongest recommendations by ATHS  is to recognize that telehealth is an enabler; the submission works to support the case that healthcare at a distance is a considerable factor in driving the need for digitalized healthcare. We need to have secure electronic messaging and a medical record that the follows the customer, we need to increase health literacy and develop self-management and monitoring skills within the population, we need to provide more solutions for the population to encourage health as a lifestyle option. This is a healthcare industry revolution, national policy will need to adapt, new funding models will be required to create systematic change and appropriate incentives should be applied including payment by outcomes instead of payment by status quo.

You can read the full ATHS submission here .