Minutes of the 2021 Annual General Meeting

Australian Telehealth Society: Annual General Meeting 15 October 2021

Held via zoom

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we meet today, and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. We also welcome all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people present today.





The Chair (Liam Caffery) welcomed all present to the 2021 AGM of the Australian Telehealth Society.


Alan Taylor, Alice King, Alline Beleigoli, Anthony Smith, Jane Kealey, Kate Hawkings, Kath McIntyre, Liam Caffery, Marc Budge, Michelle McGuirk, Nardia Neale, Peter Lane, Sarah Crowe, Sharyn Cowie

A quorum was present.


Kim Ford

Acceptance of Minutes of previous AGM


The Minutes of the previous AGM, held on 15th December 2020, were confirmed as a true and accurate record.

·         Proposed: Alan Taylor

·         Seconded: Peter Lane



The following reports were presented

·         President – Moved and accepted by members present. No questions or comments.

·         Treasurer – Moved and accepted by members present. No questions or comments.

·         Secretary – Moved and accepted by members present. No questions or comments.

·         Vice President – Moved and accepted by members present. No questions or comments.

Alice King was thanked for her time and effort, and contribution to the ATHS as Secretary in the past 3 committees over the past 2.5 years.



It was noted that the following two office bearers hold 2 year terms (2020-2022):

·         President: Kim Ford

·         Treasurer: Michelle McGuirk

The following nominees for office bearer positions are confirmed, as the number of nominations received was equal to the number of vacancies:

·         Vice President: Liam Caffery (who will serve a 2-year term, 2021-2023)

·         Secretary: Jane Kealey (who will serve a 2-year term, 2021-2023)

The following nominees for Ordinary members (who will serve 1-year terms, 2021-2022) are confirmed (nominations received by the deadline):

·         Alan Taylor, Alline Beleigoli, Anthony Smith and Kate Hawkings

Additional nominations were called for and received from:

·         Amanda Robinson (Proposed Jane Kealey, Seconded Alice King)

·         Sharyn Cowie (Proposed Liam Caffery, Seconded Anthony Smith)

·         Marc Budge (Proposed Jane Kealey, Seconded Liam Caffery)

Sharyn Cowie and Marc Budge spoke to their nomination; Amanda’s pitch was read out in her absence.

A confidential online poll of members present was held and the following two nominees were elected as Ordinary members (who will serve 1-year terms, 2021-2022)

·         Sharyn Cowie

·         Marc Budge

Any other Business


National Digital Health Strategy consultation

·         Alan Taylor noted the recent development of ADHA consultations about updating the National Digital Health Strategy. It was noted that ATHS should put itself forward to participate in these consultations

·         Alice King noted the surveys available to Consumers, Providers and Organisations: https://nationalstrategy.digitalhealth.gov.au/


·         Alan/Sharyn – identify a contact at ADHA and send to Kim

·         Kim  – approach ADHA seeking engagement

·         Jane – add this as an agenda item for November committee meeting

·         Kath – include item about the engagement surveys in the next TWIT


SFT21 – Successes and Failures in Telehealth Conference

·         www.sftconference.com

·         3-5 November 2022 (Virtual)

Member input

·         The Committee and members present noted that input from the broader membership is very much appreciated, including participation in working groups.

·         Please consider sending in your ideas and suggestions, and identifying your areas of interest.