Telstra Health – Transforming healthcare for acute and chronic conditions

21st February 2019

A patient-centred care model empowers providers to deliver care that is more tailored to the unique needs of the patient and their particular condition, helping to improve the patient’s experience.

Telehealth technology and services should be seen as one of the many tools to achieve this patient-centred approach as it enables patients to be more connected to their providers.

With many digital solutions on offer in today’s market, it is important for providers to understand how new technology could benefit the patient groups they serve, whether it is suitable to these groups and finally how scalable the technology is for the organisation. Click here to read how patients with acute and chronic conditions could benefit from new capabilities such as remote patient monitoring.

MyCareManager is a remote patient monitoring solution for providers that has been built to serve various patient groups and program types, and has specifically been designed for a scaled deployment.

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