Vision Flex: the Future of Telehealth is looking bright in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic

8th August 2020

Adopting innovative technology acts as a driving force for clinicians to deliver quality healthcare and ensure patient safety. With the exponential rise in the use of technology in health services, the secure storage of data, information sharing and rapid analysis of patient records, health outcomes have significantly improved.

Telehealth is a lifesaving technology that assists the providers, medically trained staff and patients alike to improve accessibility and speed of diagnosis and support, which improves the overall patient’s quality of life. Particularly during the recent Covid-19 pandemic, these latest telehealth solutions are providing new opportunities to rapidly evolve from the traditional healthcare system due to the advancement in technologies. Devices like the ProEX Telehealth Hub are designed to fit a wide range of use cases and are already one step ahead in the game of new telehealth technology innovations.

With so many sectors such as aged care and the Royal Flying Doctors Service striving to provide timely healthcare, telehealth technology brings an immense advantage to those in need for fast access to a Healthcare Professional and/or a specialist. Watch the introduction video of our ProEX Telehealth Hub

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