Thank You to Corporate Member Visionflex

2nd May 2021

Visionflex was formed in 2014 with a simple idea: Quality healthcare should be accessible to more people. Visionflex is an Australian company manufacturing cutting-edge Telehealth technology to connect remote or isolated patients with medical professionals via sophisticated video conferencing. Faster and more detailed medical examinations can reduce the need for expensive and risky patient transportation. Some of our typical sites include oil rigs, Antarctic stations, remote communities such as the Australian Outback, aged care homes and prisons.

Our Mission is to bring high-quality health technology to remote and isolated locations and give everyone the possibility to access the healthcare they need. Visionflex stands for innovative technology which is designed and manufactured to bring high quality healthcare to people around the globe. We strongly believe that with today’s technology, everyone can receive the help they need when they need it, regardless of their location.  More information here 

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