Visionflex – At last, healthcare equality for all


Everyone deserves quality healthcare no matter where you live. Ten years ago, we had a dream to live in a country where everyone had access to high quality healthcare. Unfortunately, many remote, regional, and less mobile Australians do not have access to the same quality of healthcare as people in metro areas.  That was, until now.

The Visionflex ‘ProEx Telehealth Hub’ was designed to connect isolated patients to base hospitals or to a specialist/consultant to provide a higher level of care and fast diagnosis.  This reduces the need for expensive and difficult transportation for a face to face consultation.

With the development of the ProEx unit now complete, we are excited to deliver the first systems to the Royal Flying Doctors Service, the Australian Antarctic Division, the Alaskan Telehealth Board, NSW & QLD Health, the Justice Health Department and private clinicians around the country with many more due to roll out soon.

Visit the Visionflex website for more information.