Two cases from Tunstall


John is 88 years of age and has chronic heart failure. Secondary problems associated with his condition include hypertension, breathlessness, fatigue and respiratory issues.

John was recommended by his clinician for the Heart Failure Service Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital (RBWH) Health Services District telehealth trial (a research program of RBWH HFS and the University of Southern Queensland). His condition was becoming increasingly unstable and indicators such as his weight and blood pressure were often difficult to accurately monitor by phone.

A Tunstall telehealth solution was installed in John’s home, including an RTX monitor, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter and weight scale.
John’s clinicians found the daily telehealth interview helped to set a regular routine for John, encouraging him to be more consistent in monitoring his vital signs and symptoms each day.

By tracking John’s weight and oxygen saturation levels; the icp triage manager software was able to track changes outside of John’s set of safe parameters.
You can read John’s full story here:


Dallas is 78 years of age and lives with her 80 year old husband. She has diabetes and heart failure, with hypertension, breathlessness, fatigue and blood sugar levels regularly being measured at over 10mmol/L.
Her specialist had told her at their last consultation that if her sugar levels did not reduce before her next visit, she would have to increase her insulin dosage to four times a day instead of three.

A telehealth solution was installed in Dallas’ home, including an RTX monitor, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, thermometer, weight scales and blood glucometer.

Dallas was shown how to measure her vital signs using the RTX monitor and to answer a series of clinical questions to determine her current condition. Dallas’ vital signs are monitored daily by a clinician who works closely with her and her husband to encourage her to exercise and maintain a healthy diet.

You can read Dallas’ full story (pdf) by clicking on this link.