OmniJoin from Brother

Brother OmniJoin

Brother’s new teleconferencing system OmniJoin™. Trial for free – no additional hardware required.

Does your current tele-technology leave you free to focus on your patients, their treatments and remedies?

Brother would like to introduce a system that ensures you experience benefits in your daily workflow. OmniJoin™ is a cloud based, video conferencing system that can easily connect you to your patients – no matter the geographical distance between you.

Providing faster patient and colleague interaction – negating the need for travel – OmniJoin™ can be used for many tele-medicine applications such as multi-location practices’ staff meetings, remote training, tele-psychiatry and live consultation between practitioners.

Labs, clinics and imaging facilities can also use OmniJoin™ technology for teleradiology and PACS-related support services, remote diagnostic interpretation, case review and remote patient follow-up.

Easy to use technology

– Simply send an email invite to your participating clinics and patients

– Participants click on the web link to join the online meeting

Quality audio & video performance

– See and hear your patients and colleagues clearly through the use of HD technology and high-quality audio

– Smoothly syncs with attendees’ video images helping to achieve a more traditional, almost face-to-face discussion

Easy to implement

– No complex installation or hardware components such as MCUs, gateways or servers required

– Only requirements are: broadband internet access, a laptop or desktop computer, web browser and a webcam

High Security

– Employs a multi-layer security model with encrypted TCP/IP connections securing all conference data, live sharing, VoIP and multiparty video

– OmniJoin™ also provides proxy and firewall traversal

Give your video conferencing resources a health check today.

Sign up for a free trial of the new OmniJoin™ 7 and see why it ticks all the boxes

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