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Health& has brought together a multi-disciplinary team of the very best medical, creative and digital minds to revolutionise the delivery of Australian health information online.

The Health& Medical Advisory Board includes Professor Leon Piterman AM (Chair), Professor Henry Burger AO, Professor Ian Meredith AM, Professor John Murtagh AM, Professor Hatem Salem AM, Professor Geoffrey Driscoll OAM, Professor Geoffrey Metz AM, Associate Professor Alison Street AO and Professor Gab Kovacs AM.

The team’s core mission is to facilitate engagement in happy and healthy lifestyles, promote preventative health measures, and support people living with chronic illnesses.

Health& has just launched a comprehensive new website containing written, animated and illustrated health resources designed to improve health literacy. The team is also building a dynamic digital health platform, which will help Australians to monitor and proactively manage their health affairs.

Collectively, they are empowering Australians to access the necessary information and tools to become experts in their own health.

Australia’s most respected medical professors are embarking on a noble journey to improve the health of all Australians – and there’s plenty of colour and excitement on the horizon.

Health& is a new website designed to bring the very best health information to your fingertips – information that is distinctly Australian. Our resources are created, nurtured and verified by leading medical experts and creative professionals to deliver educational and entertaining insights into hundreds of health topics.

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Health& – Improving the health of all Australians.