Telehealth Awareness Week 2019

October 2019 is when Australia will become more #telehealthaware #TAW

As a result of discussion and enthusiasm expressed during the final panel session of SFT 2018, the ATHS committed to supporting a national ‘Telehealth Awareness Week’ in 2019. This builds on the experience and successes of the Western Australia campaigns in 2017 and 2018.

Health services across Australia are getting on board and supporting a National Telehealth Awareness Month by nominating a week in October to focus on promoting telehealth.

Telehealth Awareness Week is an opportunity to spread the word about the many benefits of telehealth for consumers including:

  • health care delivered closer to home and on country
  • reduced travel and accommodation costs
  • less disruptions for families and work.

Aims of Telehealth Awareness Week

Accessing clinical telehealth services relies heavily on public awareness and clinician advocacy.

The aims of Telehealth Awareness Week are to raise awareness and increase the use of telehealth-delivered services in regional Australia by:

  • encouraging consumers to ask if their outpatient appointment can be via telehealth
  • encouraging clinicians to consider if telehealth is an option for their patients.

Get involved

The Australasian Telehealth Society (ATHS) will be promoting National Telehealth Awareness Month in the lead up to and during the Successes and Failures in Telehealth 2019 Conference on the Gold Coast (21-23 October).

  • You can help by promoting Telehealth Awareness Month/Week via a local campaign – and using the #telehealthaware and #TAW hashtags
  • Telehealth Awareness Week activities need to be run locally, and that’s where you come in to it. Organise local events and let ATHS and your State telehealth communities know (see contacts below)

The ATHS will provide some general resources, support and guidance via this webpage and TWIT updates.There is a small group including one or more members from each State or Territory who are meeting regularly and will pull together these resources – but additional people and sharing of resources would be welcome!

Key latest updates

October is the agreed month for Telehealth Awareness Week.  Individual jurisdictions can select their own week to suit (see dates below).


Contacts and local dates / information

Please email for contact details.

ACT – Position vacant!

ATHS –  Jackie Plunkett, ATHS President

New South Wales – Monday 28th October – Friday 1 November, Donna Parkes

Northern Territories – Lisa Chapman, Clinton Franklin

Queensland – Centaine Snoswell, Rebekah Pace

South Australia – Position vacant!

Tasmania – Kim Ford

Victoria – Friday 25th – Thurs 31st October, Alice King

Western Australia – Cindy Brennan and Steph Waters