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INLINE Medical and Dental

  • Contact: Mike Harman
  • Address: 1/8 Prosperity Parade, Warriewood, NSW, 2102
  • Phone: 1300 033 723 or 1300 033 723
  • Email:
  • Website:

INLINE Medical and Dental is an Australian owned company specialising in the supply and installation of the latest technology in imaging systems for the medical and dental sectors. Within the Telehealth sector we supply portable medical camera’s that support professionals who practice in Dental, ENT, Dermatology, General Practice, Telehealth and other specialties. The FLEXICAM MOBILE Medical Camera is INLINE’s latest medical device to be released into the Telehealth market. This state-of-the art system incorporates the latest in CCD Imaging technology utilising a high resolution medical camera and an integrated LED light source, along with an image capture and archiving system with USB image and video storage. The revolutionary hand piece design integrates a complete range of interchangeable probes to cover a number of medical specialties. The probes include an otoscope probe, full face probe, dermatology probe, dental probe and sinus probe whilst also connecting surgical endoscopes via the endoscope adaptor. The result is a compact, portable, lightweight camera solution which can be easily applied to the requirements of any medical practice or travelling practitioner.

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University of Western Sydney

The University of Western Sydney is one of Australia’s largest universities, with five major campuses at locations in Greater Western Sydney. The School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics offers a variety of courses in eHealth and hosts the Telehealth Research and Innovation Laboratory (THRIL) at its Campbelltown campus, adjacent to the UWS Medical School. THRIL is focussed on using intelligent ICT methods supporting new models of Health care, in applications such as aged care and independent living, chronic disease management, and preventative health and wellness promotion. THRIL facilities include a Smart Home for Health, Human-Computer Interaction environment, and cloud/mobile/web software development.

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JPL Media

JPL Media is a full service solutions provider delivering world-class digital experiences since 2007. We specialise in helping to create, distribute & track knowledge based content through various forms of interactive media. Our digital leadership and capabilities are a direct result of an appreciation for designing dynamic functionality for web, mobile applications, and connected devices while integrating live and on-demand multimedia, providing valuable products for thousands of people around the globe. Our clients represent higher education, government, corporate, life sciences, financial services and not for profit organisations. We are currently hosting over 35,000 hours of searchable interactive rich media generated by over 6000 content creators, from a wide range of industries. Our solutions have been chosen based on their high level of automation & enterprise scalability, meaning you won’t spend all your life trying to make things work. Our partners are the best in the industry bar none.

Solutions include online video platforms, interactive event streaming & web conferencing services, event management software, mobile event apps, membership management software, video production, video hosting & more.

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  • Contact: Ms Haley Price - Chief Communications Officer
  • Address: Level 4, 75-77 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
  • Phone: +61 3 9017 6797
  • Email:
  • Website:

Health& has brought together a multi-disciplinary team of the very best medical, creative and digital minds to revolutionise the delivery of Australian health information online.

The Health& Medical Advisory Board includes Professor Leon Piterman AM (Chair), Professor Henry Burger AO, Professor Ian Meredith AM, Professor John Murtagh AM, Professor Hatem Salem AM, Professor Geoffrey Driscoll OAM, Professor Geoffrey Metz AM, Associate Professor Alison Street AO and Professor Gab Kovacs AM.

The team’s core mission is to facilitate engagement in happy and healthy lifestyles, promote preventative health measures, and support people living with chronic illnesses.

Health& has just launched a comprehensive new website containing written, animated and illustrated health resources designed to improve health literacy. The team is also building a dynamic digital health platform, which will help Australians to monitor and proactively manage their health affairs.

Collectively, they are empowering Australians to access the necessary information and tools to become experts in their own health.

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Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine

  • Address: Level 2, 410 Queen Street BRISBANE QLD 4000
  • Phone: +61 7 3105 8200
  • Website:

The Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine is accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) for setting professional medical standards for training, assessment, certification and continuing professional development in the specialty of general practice.

ACRRM also plays an important role in supporting junior doctors and medical students considering a career in rural medicine, and is committed to delivering sustainable, high-quality health services to rural and remote communities by providing:

-quality education programs
-innovative support, and
-strong representation for doctors who serve those communities.

Most ACRRM Fellows choose to practise in rural and remote communities so that they can fully utilise the scope of clinical skills and knowledge they've gained through attaining Fellowship of ACRRM.

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Avizia is redefining healthcare by leading the telemedicine revolution with the only complete telehealth platform. Avizia offers everything
needed to quickly and securely implement enterprise telehealth; including integrated telemedicine carts, peripherals devices, and clinical workflow
management software. Avizia solutions improve how healthcare providers manage care, scale resources, bridge doctor-doctor and doctor-patient
connections, and enable virtual video visits.

With telehealth solutions found in the top hospital delivery networks in the US, and throughout more than 35 countries, Avizia is providing the
clinical and technical expertise to design and deliver a complete telehealth solution that drives immediate access, improved outcomes, and
operational transformation.

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Marathon Health

Marathon Health is a not-for-profit primary health care organisation that delivers health services and programs to regional and remote communities.
We are committed to working together to achieve optimal health outcomes for all. Marathon Health has strong networks in the health sector,
innovative community partnerships, and a commitment to delivering sustainable health outcomes.

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Blamey Saunders Hears

Blamey Saunders hears is a teleaudiology and research company based in Melbourne. It develops, with its partners, hearing aid systems specially designed to be adjusted by the user. These are sold direct to the public, online and through our audiology clinics.

Our philosophy is that people are more likely to use hearing aids if barriers are reduced, and if they can take control of the process through our teleaudiology service and set up the sound quality to something that they like. Support is available online, by phone, or in person through the clinic.

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